Music opera theater organization MOTO is a non-profit organization, established for an indefinite period of time to achieve the objectives in the field of culture, education and artistic production.

Our vision is to make classical music, opera and theater available to all people and be a part of every person’s life in Serbia. Our mission is to create a new audience and thereby raise the quality of life by combining the work efforts of already established artists and promoting young artists.

Special attention will be devoted to activities that include working with people with disabilities, elderly and disabled persons, children without parental care and other groups that are incapacitated to be fully involved in everyday life because of their health, social and other problems.

Our values are quality, professionalism, perseverance and respect for the arts. Our principles are continuous improvement and following modern trends in art, as well as respecting the traditional values.


The objectives of the organization are the realization and implementation of programs in the field of music, theater and opera art, music education and the promotion of young artists, promotion of Serbian and world classical music, organization and realization of music, opera and theater workshops, expert meetings and roundtables, international cooperation and connection of artists from the field of opera art, publications in these areas as well as archiving all programs that belong to the organization.

To achieve its goals MOTO particularly:

1) Takes care of the national and European cultural heritage

2) Organizes expert meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and other forms of education in the field of music, theater and opera art

3) Publishes books and other publications on issues related to the promotion of musical, theatrical and opera art, in accordance with the law

4) Organizes, implements and carries out programs in order to promote and improve the quality of music and theater arts

5) Cooperates with institutions and universities, professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad that deal with improving the aforementioned art