The tour of the comic stand-up opera “Absurdium” by Jovanka Trbojević, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, has been successfully completed. In the year of the pandemic, when many cultural activities were reduced to a minimum, our members presented this unusual work to the audience of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Gornji Milanovac, and Ečka as part of the 2020 Summer Opera School.

The opera “Absurdium”, a stand-up opera sketch, based on composers own tragicomic experience, was premiered in Serbia, after only one performance in Finland. In addition to the central plot, with sharp language and witty musical solutions, this work deals with the universal problems and crises of modern man, that is, in this case, women (midlife crisis, fictional lovers, shopping, etc.).

The work is performed by a small, compact ensemble consisting of Marija Mitić Vasić soprano, Bojana Pantović violin, Julijana Marković cello, Dušan Mamula clarinet/bass clarinet, and Gorana Ćurgus harp. Complex musical language requires a high level of performance of each member of the ensemble. We are proud of our members who, with their top professionalism, great performance, and exceptional energy, won over the audience and presented this difficult work, bringing it closer to the audience in a modern and attractive way.

In further activities, MOTO will continue to promote Serbian art music of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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