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This project was created in collaboration Belgrade Association for Blind and Visually Impaired Persons: The aim was education and empowering of blind and visually impaired musicians for public performances and inclusion in chamber ensembles with their colleagues without disabilities, while promoting inclusive society and establishing inclusive amateur choir and drama group that gathers around 30 participants.

The projects` scope is to empower our blind and visually impaired colleagues to work independently while building their status as artists, to help them establish contacts with a larger circle of musicians, to present themselves to the general audience, and to become leaders and supervisors for future projects that will work to build an inclusive and just society through culture.

This project produced many successful performances and exiting artistic collaborations, such as: performances at Palilula Cultural Centre, BUNT Festival, concert for St. Valentine’s Day in National Theatre`s Museum, theatre performances at Youth Theatre Dadov, Branka Popovic`s Bells in Cinema REX, etc.


  • Secretariat for Culture of the city of Belgrade
  • City Municipality of Palilula
  • Trag Foundation

Project Associates

  • Sonja Jauković

  • Nataša Jović Trivić

  • Gorana Ćurgus

  • Slobodan Milivojević

  • Dragan Laušević

  • Dragan Stevović

  • Jasmina Vrbanić

  • Mirko Crnojević

  • Dušica Blaženović

  • Jovana Radovanović

  • Vladimir Andrić


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