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The international project “Opera: Past, Present, Perfect!” has started within the Creative Europe-Culture: European cooperation projects 2020. The realization of the project will last from September 1, 2020 to February 1, 2023. In addition to the MOTO – Music, Opera and Theater Organization, which is the project leader, the project partners are Nieuw Geneco from Amsterdam (Netherlands), Young Musician International Association of Georgia from Tbilisi (Georgia), University of Donja Gorica in Podgorica (Montenegro) and Little Theatre “Duško Radović” (Serbia).

Main scope of this action is to connect and educate young professionals with a view to establish a cross-sectoral, cross-national and intergenerational dialogue (between young professionals – mentors), collaboration and expertise exchange to (re)position opera as interdisciplinary and authentic European art form. More specifically, the aim is Re/thinking the context of the Opera and its relevance within the contemporary world, with the activities directed at capacity building – training, education and improving competency of end users and beneficiaries, using the advantages of up-to-date technologies in advertising and production (social networking, applications, and digital scenography) and synergy of intergeneration dialogue.

One of the facts about Opera position today is that formal educational centers very often do not consider the fact that Opera is truly interdisciplinary art, where each and every segment is equally important. Boundaries between art forms have blurred even more, and with the use of new technologies, including the incorporation of film or real-time video and digital electronics into the work, with the vision of young artist of new generation a new sense of opera can be found.The project will be implemented not only in capital cities and culture centers of participating countries, but also in smaller municipalities and rural areas, with an attempt to demystify opera and classical music as “elitist”.Such approach is based on previous experiences and will be built on lessons learn from numerous projects implemented by all participating organizations on local, regional and national level.

The specific goals are: to create a strong network of young professionals involved in the process of creating opera productions – vocal artists, instrumentalists – orchestra members, accompanists, visual art students, theater directors, composers and scenarists – within two summer schools, in Serbia and Georgia, giving them the opportunity to study with leading authorities from different art fields (vocal pedagogues, conductors, composers, directors, visual artists..), and to help them in their search for a new, contemporary context of Opera as such.

The project will announce open calls for artists, to participate in the creation of new productions, then an open call for new opera pieces, as well as an open source platform, to help further networking of cultural actors.

“OPERA: PAST, PRESENT, PERFECT!” project`s Board announces an open call for young artists and creators in the field of opera

MOTO invites young opera artists and those who want to become one – singers, conductors, instrumentalists, accompanists, composers and directors up to 30 years of age, to apply by February the 25th, 2021.

From 1st of March 2021 to 1st of February 2023, within the framework of the project “Opera: Past, Present,Perfect!” selected students will have the opportunity to take part in workshops, master classes, lectures, small opera productions, public classes and concerts.

The project is divided into three working modules: Past, Present and Perfect.

1. “Opera Past”

Interviews with eminent artists and performers about profession, professional conduct and ethics, work processes, career difficulties and success.
Open dialogue with young artists!

Moderated and led by Dragan Stevovic, at Pedagogical Museum, Belgrade.

2. “Opera Present”

Lectures, master classes, workshops, round tables, debates

1. “Acting for singers workshops” Srdjan Karanovic, Ph.D., actor, associate professor at Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, and Dusan Matejic, actor and assistant at Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade
2. “Performer in practice” Igor Vlajnic, M.A., conductor (Croatia)
3. “Three Centuries of Russian Romance” Ljudmila Popovic, M.A., soprano, professor at Faculty of Music, Belgrade
4. “Introduction to directing in music theatre” – Vladan Djurkovic, director, assistent professor at Faculty of Music, Belgrade, visiting professor at Academy of Arts, Banjaluka and theatre manager at Pinokio Theatre.
5. From world stages: Series of workshops in Belgrade
Jagos Markovic, director (Serbia), Srboljub Dinic, conductor (Serbia – Switzerland) and guests from partner countries – Netherlands, Georgia and Montenegro.

3. “Opera Perfect!”

Five productions that will be created by the participants, together with their mentors, in order to learn, acquire new experiences and exchange ideas!

Official conductor at the project: Milan Nedeljkovic, full-time conductor at Terazije Theatre
Piano accompanists: Dragana Andjelic Bunjac, piano assistant at Opera&Theater Madlenianum;
Marko Bogdanović, a piano associate at Music School “Stanković”, an external associate at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and at the Music Academy in Cetinje
Orchestral assistants: Magdalena Rancic, double bass professor at Josif Marinkovic Music School, Julijana Markovic, cellist ofthe Belgrade Philharmonic and Gorana Curgus, principal harpist of the National Theatre`s orchestra.

Who can apply:


Candidates who pass the selection will be able to follow all the activities and participate in the creation of new productions under the mentorship of lecturers.
The most successful participants will participate in the exchange with partner organizations in Georgia, Netherlands and Montenegro.
To apply, it is necessary to submit: a biography, a photography and motivation letter for all participants.

For singers – audio recording of three arias, and for instrumentalists and accompanists – audio recording of two pieces of choice, up to 12 minutes in duration.

Send recording via WeTransfer or pCloud platform.

Send the application to kontakt@moto.org.rs.

Program director: Ph. D. Natasa Jovic Trivic
Project consultant: Ph. D. Violeta Pancetovic Radakovic
Marketing manager: Ivana Kosovac
Organizer: Svetlana Milutinovic
Project assistant: Matea Trivic

Opera: Past, Present, Perfect!

  • Period: 01.09.2020 – 01.02.2023.


  • Nieuw Geneco (Amsterdam)

  • Young Musician International Association of Georgia (Tbilisi)

  • University of Donja Gorica (Podgorica)

  • Little Theatre “Duško Radović”



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