For the first time this year, in addition to the our traditional workshops for the opera singers, we offer an exclusive program for students of Acting.

The eighth Summer Opera School will be held from July 10 to 20, 2024 at the Petnica Science Center. We are very pleased that this year’s School will be held in cooperation with colleagues from the first independent educational organization in Serbia, a respected center of innovative scientific education and professionally based encouragement for young talents, nowdays very well known and respected in the country and abroad.

The Petnica Science Center is one of the few spontaneously created organizations in the world with a consistent educational curriculum, that firmly focused on the future, new knowledge, technologies and values, responds in a worthy way to the challenges of the XXI century.

The participants of the Summer Opera School 2024 will have the opportunity to see the profession from different angles and meet exceptional artists and pedagogues in such an environment, and in addition to students of the Vocal Departments, this year we are also extending an open call for students of Acting Departments. In this way, we direct young singers and actors to better mutual understanding, cooperation and exchange of experiences, overcoming difficulties, where referred to one another they have the opportunity for permanent improvement and expansion of their own boundaries.

This year’s Summer Opera School will represent the cooperation of young artists and scientists from the country and the region, a combination of different perspectives, the opening of new fields of research, creativity and productivity, the encouragement of interdisciplinarity and, most importantly, the promotion of true values.

Programs of the Summer Opera School 2024

Interpretation in musical theater must be credible, justified by movement, acting and singing. Using the means of all three entities, in a complementary relationship, brings the possibility to believe in the, so called, lie of the specific task. The lie of the specific task must be true!


Artistic Singing

The program accentuate the various elements necessary for the development of an opera singer.

In addition to secure vocal technique, an opera singer must work on awareness and control of his instrument, musical phrasing and interpretation, stage expression, text meaning, communication and discipline. All elements are a necessary prerequisite for professional practice of vocal art.

– vocal workshops (work on musical phrasing, text and interpretation, breathing, vocal technique)

– acting workshops (techniques of acting, movement, facial expression and gestures, developing the emotional depth of characters, etc.)

– work with a conductor (phrasing and interpretation, work in ensembles)

– working with the director (building characters, working in ensembles, stage movement)

– work with a piano collaborator

– lectures in history of opera and theater, various thematic lectures

– concerts

For the application, it is necessary to specify two Baroque opera arias or oratorio arias, two art songs by Serbian composers, two art songs by foreign composers and two opera arias.


This year we are initiating an exclusive acting workshops for students of Acting Departments, and the program will be focused on the vocal technique of acting, which will be led by professional opera singers, a conductor and an accompanist.

This way of working provides a first-rate professional approach to actor’s work on breathing, voice, speech and singing.

The program of the acting workshop includes established acting methods and techniques – work on realism pieces (dramas by A.P. Chekhov), as well as work on vocal technique on elements of musicals and Brechtian songs.

– acting workshops (work on psychological action, character creation method, eurythmics – voice and movement)

– vocal workshops (voice and speech technique, breathing)

– working with a conductor (phrasing and interpretation, creating musical numbers)

– working with the director (building characters in the musical)

– work with a piano collaborator

– lectures in history of opera and theater, various thematic lectures

– drama evenings hours and concerts

For the application, it is necessary to state one monologue from a play by A.P. Chekhov, one monologue from an ancient drama, one aria from a musical and one popular song of participant’s choice.

The registration fee is 40,000 dinars which includes 10 full boards, three workshops a day and participation in concerts that will take place during the school.

For foreign citizens, contracts are signed in foreign currency in the amount of € 400 for the registration fee.

The registration fee can be paid in installments until the end of June 2024.

Download the application form for actors here, and for singers here. Send the completed form to The number of places is limited!


Violeta Pančetović Radaković, DMA – Professor in the artistic field of Singing at the FMU in Belgrade,

Nataša Jović Trivić – Principal Opera Artist of the National Theater in Belgrade,

Dušan Matejić – Actor, Expert Associate at the Acting Department at the FDU in Belgrade,

Milan Nedeljković – Conductor at the Terazije Theatre in Belgrade,

Dragan Stevović – Director of the Museum of the National Theatre in Belgrade

Natalija Stanković – Stage Director


Piano Collaborators:

Dragana Anđelić Bunjac, Piano Collaborator at the Opera and Theatre Madlenianum, Belgrade

Marko Bogdanović, Piano Collaborator at the Music School “Stanković”, Belgrade


School Guests:

Mirjana Vladisavljević – Director of the Balkan Tube Space

Nebojša Dugalić – Principal Drama Artist of the National Theatre in Belgrade and Professor of Acting at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, Belgrade

Aleksandar Kojić – Conductor at the national Theater in Belgrade, guest conductor at the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad and RTS Symphony Orchestra.

Ana Vračarević – Operational trainer, sports teacher

Kika Studio – Beaty special fix make up artist