Summer opera school

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In high schools and colleges, young singers are focused on individual singing lessons, which does not qualify them for practical work. Methods of vocal pedagogy are based on the knowledge of anatomy and physiology, on acoustics and phonetics, which are used in artistic singing. The human vocal apparatus is not a finished musical instrument and must be carefully and gradually developed, while taking into account the whole complexity of the approach, preparation and interpretation processes.

In addition to musical analysis with all of its elements, working on the vocal technique and articulation, the singer must also work on acting and stage improvement, appearance and communication. Emotional stability, discipline and introspection are of great importance for the contemporary singer and his entire artistic development.

With this project we want to help young singers to complete their knowledge, to learn that artistic singing requires intellectual participation, experimentation, search, widening of borders and awareness of the instrument, mastering oneself.

We want to direct them to approach the profession in a modern and dynamic way, while insisting on quality, musical heritage and traditional values, bringing opera closer to young audiences and helping the audience development while promoting the opera art.

Summer Opera School


  • Svetlana Milutinović

Teachers and associates

  • Violeta Pančetović Radaković

  • Nataša Jović Trivić

  • Vladan Đurković

  • Dragan Stevović

  • Dragana Anđelić Bunjac

  • Milivoje Veljić

  • Nataša Cvetković Jović

  • Radmila Bakočević


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