Summer Opera School 2020

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Summer Opera Shool 2020 from 7th till 17th of September, in Kaštel castle, Ečka.

The “Kaštel” castle is situated about 60 kilometres north of Belgrade and only 7 kilometres away from Zrenjanin, in Ečka village. It was built in the English style. The constructing lasted from 1816 till 1820. TheThe castle was built by the Lazar family. Infamous Franz Listz performed at the official opening ceremony, on 28th of August, 1820. The castle has 38 rooms and 7 suites, which are a mixture of modern and Medieval style, designed and equipped to give students and staff optimal background for learning, research, artistic development, creativity and musical expansion. Authentic atmosphere perfectly corresponds to elegance and glamour of opera art.

We are honoured to present eminent experts and lecturers this year, that will contribute in keeping Summer Opera School in line with the most prestigious international schools. Our students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills and to work with renowned artists. Groups will be organized in accordance to participants’ age and skill level. Through intensive workshops and active participation, participants will have the opportunity to work on vocal technique, phrasing and interpretation, acting and stage movements, while supporting the integration of music, language and performance, as well as to learn the history of opera, through a series of illustrative examples and analysis of outstanding national and international artists’ performances.

The registration fee is 300 € and it includes 10 days full board, three workshops a day and participation in concerts that will take place throughout the school. The additional costs of transportation Belgrade-Ečka-Belgrade are 20€. All the details will be defined by the contract.

Application form is here.


Violeta Pancetovic Radakovic – Associate Professor at the Faculty of Music, Belgrade
Natasa Jovic Trivic – Principal singer at the National Theatre, Belgrade
Vladan Djurkovic – Director at the Children’s Theatre Pinokio
Dragan Stevovic – Director at the National Theatre’s Museum, Belgrade

With accompaniment by outstanding soloists and collaborative pianists:

Dragana Andjelic Bunjac – Piano accompanist at the Opera and Theater Madlenianum
Vladimir Gligorić – Piano accompanist at the Music Academy in Belgrade

Guest lecturers:

Igor Vlajnić – Conductor at the Opera of the Croation National Theatre, Rijeka
Nikola Kitanovski – Professor at the Facility of Music, Belgrade
Natasa Cvetkovic Jovic – Psychologist and psychotherapist, Median ordination
Nikola Mijailović – Professor at the Faculty of Music, Belgrade
The final lectures and consultations will be given by Emeritus Professor Mrs. Radmila Bakocevic

Summer Opera School 2020.

  • Period: 07.09.2020 – 17.09.2020.

  • Location: The “Kastel” castle

  • Address: Novosadska 7, 23203, Ečka

  • Phone: +381 63 73 22 614


  • Svetlana Milutinović

Teachers and associates

  • Violeta Pančetović Radaković

  • Nataša Jović Trivić

  • Vladan Đurković

  • Dragan Stevović

  • Dragana Anđelić Bunjac

  • Vladimir Gligorić

  • Igor Vlajnić

  • Nikola Kitanovski

  • Nataša Cvetković Jović

  • Radmila Bakočević

  • Nikola Mijailović


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