Summer Opera School 2021

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Summer Opera School, that marks its` fifth anniversary, will be held from 12th till 22nd of July 2021, in the luxurious ambience of the Kastel Ecka, castle in Ecka village, Banat district. Summer Opera School takes place under the sponsorship of Creative Europe program this year, within the project “Opera: Past, Present, Perfect!”, which is the fact that speaks enough about the importance of this type of education for the development of the opera.

As a well-coordinated team that improves Summer Opera School`s program every year, guided on the basis of our participants` interviews and evaluations, this year we have taken care to improve our work, to offer diverse contents, to provide excellent tuitions and to have a great time. Our eminent lecturers, who participate in our school for five years in a row, with their artistic profiles and knowledge, qualify Summer Opera School as a school that enters the rank of prestigious European and world schools. Our students will again have the opportunity to perceive opera genre from different professional angles and to meet world-renowned artists and pedagogues.

Our partners from Kastel Ecka took care of the excellent working conditions, top cuisine and comfort in an authentic ambience inspired by the aristocratic past, who, in addition to their exceptional hospitality, approved extremely affordable prices for participants.

“A place where a fairy tale becomes a reality” – the “Kastel” castle was built in the English style. The constructing lasted from 1816 till 1820. It is located 60 kilometers north of Belgrade and only 7 km from Zrenjanin, in the village of Ecka. The castle was built by the Lazar family, and the famous Franz Liszt give the performance at the grand opening on 29th of August, 1820. The ambience perfectly matches the elegance and glamor of opera genre, while its intimate atmosphere helps us achieve better results.

This project is aimed at helping young singers to broaden their knowledge, to learn that artistic singing requires intellectual participation, experimentation, researching, breaking boundaries, self-control and self-awareness, permanent improvement …

Our goal is to direct the students to have a modern and dynamic approach to their profession, by insisting on quality and preserving traditional values, and to bring Opera closer to the young audiences and contribute to audience development while promoting Opera art.

The registration fee is 30 000 RSD and includes ten days full board accommodation, three workshops a day and participation in concerts that will take place during the school.  Additional costs of transportation Belgrade-Ečka-Belgrade amount to 2000 RSD, which will be defined by the contract that the participants sign after the registration.  For foreign citizens, contracts are signed in foreign currency and the amount is € 300 for the registration fee and € 20 for transportation. The application you can download here and send to


Violeta Pančetović Radaković – full professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade

Natasa Jović Trivić – Principal singer of the Opera of the National Theater in Belgrade

Dušan Matejić – expert associate at FDA in Belgrade

Dragan Stevović – director of the Museum of the National Theater in Belgrade

with the piano collaboration of top pianists and accompanists

Dragana Anđelić Bunjac, piano collaborator at the Opera and Theater Madlenianum and

Marko Bogdanović, piano associate at the Stanković Elementary School, external associate at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and external associate at the Music Academy in Cetinje.

The final consultations will be held by Prof. Emeritus Radmila Bakočević.

School guests:

Vesna Ginovska Ilkova – Principal singer of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet and professor at the Music Academy in Skopje (Macedonia)

Igor Vlajnić – conductor, music pedagogue, master of economics (Rijeka, Croatia

Summer Opera School 2021.

  • Period: 12.07.2021. – 22.07.2021.

  • Location: The “Kastel” castle

  • Address: Novosadska 7, 23203, Ečka

  • Phone: +381 63 73 22 614


  • Svetlana Milutinović

Teachers and associates

  • Violeta Pančetović Radaković

  • Nataša Jović Trivić

  • Dragan Stevović

  • Dragana Anđelić Bunjac

  • Dušan Matejić

  • Igor Vlajnić

  • Marko Bogdanović

  • Radmila Bakočević

  • Vesna Ginovska Ilkova



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