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The sixth Summer Opera School was held in Novi Bečej, in cooperation with the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Novi Bečej. This year’s Summer Opera School was held under the patronage of the Creative Europe as part of the project “Opera: Past, Present, Perfect!” and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, which speaks volumes about the importance of this type of education for the development of opera art.

As a well-coordinated team that improves the work of the Summer Opera School each year based on the surveys of our participants, this year as well, we made sure to improve our work, create rich content and good entertainment along with intensive work. Eminent lecturers who participated in our school selflessly shared their knowledge and experience with our students, who had the opportunity to perceive the profession from different angles and meet world-renowned artists and pedagogues.

In addition to the regular activities at the school, a special curiosity were the workshops of maestro Srboljub Dinić, who has worked with a chosen group of students from the project “Opera: Past, Present, Perfect!” On this occasion, they have been working on the opera roles, solving vocal and interpretative problems, which the younger participants and the audience had the opportunity to see at the public presentation.
We are proud to announce that this year’s scholarship went to a soprano Ružica Miletić, who has fulfilled all our expectations and finished the school with exceptional success. In our next production of the opera “Let’s make an opera/ The Little sweep” by Benjamin Britten, the roles were assigned to other participants, a soprano Katarina Mihailović and a baritone Matija Arnautović. They stood out with their extraordinary talent, dedicated work and professionalism and deserved to participate in the project “Opera: Past, Present “Perfect”

The exceptional working conditions were provided by our partners and a kind staff members of the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Novi Bečej.

Our lecturers who were responsible for intensive and successful work:

Violeta Pančetović Radaković – Professor in the artistic field of Singing at the FMU in Belgrade,
Nataša Jović Trivić – Principal Opera Artist of the National Theater in Belgrade,
Dušan Matejić – Assistant at the Acting Department at the FDU in Belgrade,
Dragan Stevović – Director of the Museum of the National Theater in Belgrade
Natalija Stanković – the director

with the piano collaboration of top pianists and accompanists, Dragana Anđelić Bunjac, piano collaborator at the Opera and Theater Madlenianum, Belgrade, and Marko Bogdanović, piano collaborator at the Musical School “Stanković”, Belgrade, and the Music Academy in Cetinje.

The guests of the School this year were prof. Aneta Ilić, Professor in the artistic field of Singing at the FMU in Belgrade and maestro Aleksandar Kojić, resident conductor at the SNP Opera in Novi Sad.

Svetlana Milutinović, Matea Trivić and Ivana Kosovac were responsible for the great organization, media promotion and marketing.

This year’s success of the Summer Opera School gives us the motivation to continue with this School, unique to the region and beyond, with even greater enthusiasm, promoting opera art, providing support to young artists and spreading true values!

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Summer Opera School 2022.

  • Period: 08.07.2022. – 18.07.2022.

  • Location: Ho­te­l „Ti­ski cvet“

  • Address: Petra Drapšina, Novi Bečej

  • Phone: +381 63 73 22 614


  • Svetlana Milutinović



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