The last activity within the project “Opera: Past, Present, Perfect!” is the final concert of the participants of the masterclass of professor Aneta Ilić and the awarding of diplomas to the participants of the project.

During the realization of the project, which lasted more than two years, over 300 young artists from Serbia, the Netherlands, Montenegro and Georgia participated. A large number of eminent artists and lecturers, who transferred their knowledge and experience to young colleagues and presented the profession to them from their own perspectives, participated.
We held a series of workshops, lectures, panel discussions, concerts, exhibitions and opera productions, and the end results were two chamber operas by young composers, which were awarded at the Competition within the project and independently produced and staged by the participants of the project.

We can proudly point out that this project resulted in great cooperation with our partners, institutions of national importance with whom we cooperated, artists, pedagogues and cultural workers from partner countries and beyond, and the most important thing is the training of young artists for their independent journey.

After the completion of the project, we can conclude that opera, as an interdisciplinary and authentic European form, survives despite its theoretically found and criticized weaknesses, adapting to the taste and the manner of artistic expression of each era. Today, opera requires equal importance of each segment, the inclusion of new technologies, and above all, a modern approach to the interpretation and the vision of new generations of young artists who rely on the tradition and the experience of previous generations.