Within the last year MOTO has carried out a number of successful projects, expanded and strengthen our network of collaborators and achieved overall progress.

We can proudly say that we are making a name for ourselves through professionalism, enthusiasm and devotion towards art and our audience, while nurturing friendly relationships and positive vibes.

Summer Opera School (the first of its kind in WB region), education and promotion of young emerging artists are the main pillars of our organization, persistently fulfilled by great engagement of our team, members and all our associates.

Our project at Registration and accommodation Centre in Bosilegrad, in partnership with International Aid Network – IAN, as well as the project for teenagers with developmental disabilities “The gift of diversity”, proved that art can break boundaries, advocate equality and bring people together.

We finalized the 2018th with three great concerts within the Belgrade Winter Festival, in cooperation with CEBEF – New Year’s Gala concert, UnSketched Cartoons– famous melodies from animated movies, and Festive Voices of City – concerts that have included more than 60 established artists and professionals, young emerging artists and persons with disabilities.

The glamorous end of 2018th gives us the motivation to continue to create new ideas with even greater power.

To our audience, associates and members we wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!