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“The Gift of Diversity” is one of the most successful and attractive inclusive projects, for teenagers with autism spectrum disorder and developmental difficulties, and teenagers without health problems, through integrative art practices, which was fulfilled thanks to the Democracy Commission Small Grant Program of the US Embassy in Serbia.

Although our work was facing difficulties during the year of the pandemic, we managed to continue our meetings and overcome challenges. New plans, friendships, and creations are waiting for us in the next year.

We published “Accepting Diversity Handbook”, as a result of a project, with the participation of top experts: Dr. Vedrana Milić Rašić, neuropsychiatrist (Clinic of Neurology and Psychiatry for Children and Youth, Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade), Dr. Biljana Pirgić, a specialist in child psychiatry, child and adolescent psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, Jana Popović, master of special education, Mirjana Mihailović, accordion teacher (MS “Kosta Manojlović”, Zemun and coordinator of the Association “Inclusive Network”) and Gordana Videnović, English teacher “School for the education of visually impaired students “Veljko Ramadanović ”, Zemun), Ivana Kovačević, teacher of Serbian language and literature (Elementary School“ Dr. Dragan Hercog ”, Belgrade), Natalija Lazić, theater producer and mother of a girl with autism.

We owe great gratitude to our friends from Student’s City Cultural Center and Museum of Pedagogue in Belgrade, who recognized the importance of this project and allowed us to use their premises for workshops.

We are especially proud and grateful to our friends who participated in the project and provide us with unforgettable moments we have spent together!
Thank you Jovana, Lazar, Sanja, Dunja, Luka, Ognjen, Lav, Marko, Matija, Luka, Vuk, Aleksa, Nikola, Jovan, Divna, Marija, Marina, Aleksandra, Katarina, Andjela, Kosta, Danica, Dubravka, Stefan, Elizabeta, Petra, Tamara, Filip, Dušan, Katarina, Mateo, Ognjen, Lav, Fedora, Matea, Vlada, Nikita, Ana, Matija.

See you next year!


Teachers and associates

  • Ivana Kosovac

  • Milica Stefanović

  • Vladan Đurković

  • Magdalena Rančić

  • Gorana Ćurgus

  • Vanja Đorđević

  • Marija Lazić

  • Brana Bajović

  • Jasmina Vrbanić

  • Ivan Simeunović

  • Milivoje Veljić

  • Natalija Lazić


  • Humanitarna organizacija Dečije srce

  • VIS Nebograd


  • Vokalna grupa „Nađi svoju zvezdu“

  • Omladinsko pozorište Dadov


Project supported by

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