A concert of chamber music by Serbian composers “ЕNCHANTRESSES” was held on November 24 at the Museum of the National Theater, under the auspices of SOKOJ.

The project Enchantresses was created with the idea of presenting some of the most important Serbian composers of the 20th and 21st centuries, recognized in the country and the world. The concept of the program will remind of the distinct originality, but with the ubiquitous likeability and high artistic achievements of these authors, who are very important for Serbian music, who have built exceptional careers in the world. With this project, we are promoting the work of exceptional artists whose works marked the second half of the 20th century in Serbian art music, and whose prominent personalities influenced contemporaries. Their works oscillate in the range from neoclassicism to neo-expressionism.

Ludmila Freit is a pioneer of women’s writing in Serbian music, because the typical characteristics of her musical “speech” are chamber, lyricism, subtlety and sophistication, manifested in the choice of genres and performing ensembles, as well as in the compositional process. In addition, her fascination with the female voice (solo or in the choral media) is noticeable, as well as the composition of “female” vocal genres.

Emotional impulses of deep inspirational sources in the compositions of Mirjana Živković, a unique postmodern speech in the compositions of Milana Stojadinović Milić and Ingeborg Bugarinović, whose work is on the rise, we want to start a cycle of concerts about Serbian authors.

Isidora Zebeljan, one of the most eminent, and certainly the most performed Serbian composer on the world music scene, has left behind an infinitely rich heritage, a wealth of art form and intellectual practice.

In the combination of the seemingly incompatible, she recognized the need to show our epoch, the efforts and joys of the man of our time, but through the multiplicity and diversity of artistic endeavors, commitment to creative engagement and artistic practice, uniting flutes and flamingos.

A significant number of artists in our region live and create, but they have been unfairly neglected and their work is insufficiently recognized in our country.


Aleksandar Ružičić, flute
Gorana Ćurgus, harp
Natasa Jovic Trivic, mezzo-soprano
Dragana Andjelic Bunjac, piano

The program:

Isidora Zebeljan – Felicia – flute and harp
Ludmila Freit – Preludes – solo harp and Nocturne – flute and harp
Ingeborg Bugarinović – Story – solo harp
Milana Stojadinović-Milić – Cloud on the top of Athos, fantasy for flute solo and Dream – flute and harp
Mirjana Zivkovic – Trace to the verses of Milos Crnjanski and
Two romantic songs based on verses by Ivan Glišić